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A Justification Plan?

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What am I willing to do? What do I need to do? What do I have to do? Thoughts rumbling through my brain cells. It's all about 3D printing and where am I going with it to justify my "equipment lust" for better quality 3D printing machines.

I have spent a few years playing with hobbyist low end machines and have, after climbing the learning curve, been able to produce some very good quality printed items. Also, a lot of what are also good quality but what I refer to as Junque items.

So where is there to go to justify a high-quality pro or prosumer style 3D printer. I am looking for that personal "killer app", that application for owning and using such a machine. The purpose doesn't need to be a business-for-profit. There are enough of them in existence. I do not intend to be a pretender in that realm. I just can't see myself making Junque plastic tick-tack items with a quality, high cost machine.

I want the objects produced, in pursuing this activity, to have real value. 3D printing is a process of making things. What kind of things, is the question. I am thinking of cottage industry type craft items of intrinsic value. Too small for a manufacturer. But the items must have a use or appeal, that is not just another piece of plastic junk (Junque).

I have produced practical items like clamps and brackets, and a lot of container items. Lots of good "stuff" but also a lot of enthusiast Junque.

Making a box that looks like wood is strange. Does not wood exist? Does making a fake wood box make sense? Why not make an interesting plastic box? Let the material be what it is…

When the first plastic was invented it was presented for what it was. Many jewelry items were made form materials like Bakelite. The beauty and formability of the material was what was exploited. Not trying to make it look like something it was not.

Looking at this old (~1040) plastic, I can only dream that the new FDM plastic could be the same. But it does inspire.

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) has it's look. There are a huge variety of materials and colors available for the designer to exploit. So why not use it for what it is?

That is my goal.

I will search for that "Killer App" with my present equipment, with the plan that it can be upgraded when the need is real. The trap with equipment lust is loving owning the tool but having no plan on how to put it to justifiable use. Especially in one's own mind.

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Sunday, September 24 2023

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