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DSC09319 Printed via DLP (Wanhao D7)

Fired up the Wanhao D7 (DLP printer) and made a few resin prints. The red fish is casting resin and the owls and rook are Wanhao black resin. All the resins are about a year old, so I wan't sure if there was a do not exceed shelf life.  

I did my "super clean" post process with IPA, ultrasonic cleaner (detergent), heated vacuum chamber and UV cure light. The ultrasonic step may be overkill as I think with the vacuum and UV light, a tiny bit of uncured surface resin may assist with a bit smoother finish cure.

For casting burn out the very slight (tacky) uncured surface resin is a problem for the investment material, but for normal prints, it may ba benefit. I'll explore that with future prints.

New Wanhao resin is on the way, so I will have some fresh "juice" for the next prints Red, green, and grey.

That's an indication there will be more prints to come from the DLP printer.

Grumpy Owl raising from the vat. Printing just finished.
The Rook
Feelin' the Green
A PETG Benchy


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Sunday, December 03 2023

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