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A PETG Benchy

Benchy Printed with PETG

I bought some PETG solid color blue and green filament months ago. I used some of the blue but was not producing good prints. I thought it was because I had not run enough trial prints to get the settings accurate in the Smplify 3D slicer software. I discovered today that wasn't the problem. The print nozzle in my printer was so worn out, none of the settings in Simplify 3D could ever be close to correct. 

I installed a new nozzle and almost instantly the PETG started printing beautifully. Here is a link to the nozzle problem I reported in Dimensional Print Studio ( I had been using the one nozzle for well over six months. Lesson learned is that nozzles do wear out and need to be changed at any sign of bad printing.

The lead picture is (of course) a "Benchy" tugboat test print. It's not perfect but for PETG is amazingly good, None of the wispy threads of plastic usually associated with a PETG print. The picture was taken before the Benchy was removed from the print plate. There are a couple of lift strands, one of the smoke stack which is common for any FDM print.

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Monday, March 27 2023

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