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Steampunk or Steam Junque


This is another Thingiverse print. I thought the "Steampunk" detail was interesting and a challenge for the printer. No challenge for the A/C Kossel delta. When I design something like this it is more towards function than appearance. 

I just did that. I made a toothpick holder about this same size. See pix. Not that I need a toothpick holder. I made two version of the cap, with and without a dispensing hole. More as a design exercise.

I was using the toothpicks as glue applicators. They are already in a nice dispenser/holder but I just thought, "I need to design a 3D printed toothpick dispenser/holder... just because I can."

Both items may be just  Junque. It's all in the mind of the maker... Ha!
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Monday, December 04 2023

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