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  1. RamblinDan
  2. 3D Printing
  3. Saturday, December 22 2018
I just had a thought. This can be a good place to post and share whats going on in my and other users (what other users?) worlds of three dimensional printing. I can change the name to RD3DFORUM or anything else. It is a subdomain so no problem. I have been considering alternatives to the old website I took down.
This site is going to move and certainly become a sub-domain to other than tedatum. I am considering the alternatives.
Post a comment that you have been here! :)
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Been considering reviving the website. Not a restoration of what once was, but a new start and a new philosophy.

The first edition was an attempt to reach newbies in the hobby of three dimensional printing. I wanted to change the goal for teenage school kids from printing freebie Junque from the internet and concentrate on CAD design more than the printing. I was only entertaining myself and one other individual. I don't see 3D printing as a career if engineering and design is not the primary focus. The printer is just another shop tool.

So, no more preaching to the choir. I am just going to do my thing with design and print.I'll publish for my own record keeping. Visitors can take what I do for whatever it is worth. I'll still have my secret agenda, but I will be less overt in changing the world of 3D printing.

This means the printing hardware won't be the primary purpose of the website. 3D printers will be shown in use, but the focus will be what is being made. The printer will just be the tool I have at my disposal to produce whatever I an creating. It could be a candy dish, or something I am going to cast in silver.

Still kicking this idea around. Not written on stone and given to Moses...
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