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DSC08791 Container Cap

This is my favorite go-to FDM 3D printer. It just works. It's not a fast printer. Speed is not what I expect. Slow is good when the output quality is excellent. 

MamaCetus has it's own slicer software and G-Code generator called UPStudio. Cetus is a printer made by Tiertime. It will also run G-Code produced by other software such as Simplify3D. I have done so many times.

I usually just run the printer UPStudio as the quality is very good even if a bit slow. Here it is printing one of my original designs, a small container vessel. 

The filament is eSun PLA+ Pine Green at 215 deg.C. with 150 micron layer height. 0.04MM nozzle. Print time will be a bit over 6 hours.

Container Bottom
Wax Carving Tools
Lost Wax Casting


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Sunday, December 03 2023

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