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Lost Wax Casting


Posting here in the middle of a project. Gotta start somewhere. 

Been doing LWC (Lost Wax Casting) for a few years. Created a small business called KautzCraft for the silver jewelry and any other "crafty" items I want to sell. The primary goal is to enjoy the work and to at least break even as a business.

I have taken perhaps 500 to 1000 pictures of this work. There are several other web sites where most of the photos are displayed. and .

I'll toss in a few spare pix here in RDforum from time to time.

This picture is of two wax models of a design I created called a Fluer-de-Cross. They are sprued and ready to be put in a metal tube and investment (plaster-like) material pored over them. The investment hardens. The the wax is melted and burned out of the investment (the lost in lost wax) at 1250 degrees. The molten silver is poured into the space where the wax was removed.

Mini Jewel Boxes


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Wednesday, May 22 2024

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