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New UPS3 Beta

Now getting excellent prints from the new UP Studio 3 (UPS3) Beta. Probably because I am very well experienced with Cetus and 3D FDM 3D printing in general. I do not think the BETA software may be good for everyone. Newbies should not be experimen...
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In the building control and management business. (System operation control) a “Sequence of Operation” was a required document. It describes exactly how a control system will operate under all conditions. It is the plan that the controls are programme...
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I have a new 3D printer on order. It is another Geeetech Cartesian almost identical to my A20M. It is the A20T with the “T” meaning three or triple color print head. The A20M , “M” for multiple, is a 2 color printer but capable, as is the A20T of mix...
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