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  1. rdadmin
  2. Computers and Software
  3. Sunday, October 10 2021
The battle of the keyboards continues. My sparing partner is presently sold on the low profile mechanical key keyboard. His “thing” is Cyber-Punk portable computer hardware hacking and he is looking for the perfect keyboard for his build.

I am holding my ground for my Logitech MX-Keys. There is also a MX-Keys “Mini” version. I have more than enough computers


I notice on the Logitech website they no longer show the MX-Keys for Mac and now mark the modifier keys for both PC and MAC and presently name the product simply “MX-Keys”.

There is no “good over evil” battle. Keyboards are a personal preference.

I am not a fully capable touch typist. Never will be with my PN and numb fingertips. So my likings will be different on how the feel of the keystroke affects my skill.

I find the present day mechanical keys completely adequate albeit a bit more wobbly than the very short travel of the MX-Keys. I just LIKE the MX-Keys.

No reason for me to change or experiment back to the Clicity-Clack keyboard. I also have no need for fancy flashing lights and modifying keys and keycaps. Keyboard “modding” is a totally foreign concept to me. No problem with that. Just not my “thing”. Ha!

I will admit to being curious about the new low-profile mechanicals. I have no desire to spend $75 - $100 just to try one. I could travel to a computer store for a test drive. Not motivated enough to do that.

I already have a clicky wired mechanical keyboard named the “Happy Hacking Lite 2 Keyboard” made by Fentek Industries. The keyboard is decades old, but they still have an old-tech style website (https://www.fentek-ind.com


My plan is to just stand my keyboard ground and stay satisfied with what I am using. If there is ever a “real” need for me to acquire a new keyboard, I will visit the mechanicals as an option.
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