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  1. rdadmin
  2. 3D Printing
  3. Tuesday, November 03 2020
Now getting excellent prints from the new UP Studio 3 (UPS3) Beta. Probably because I am very well experienced with Cetus and 3D FDM 3D printing in general.

I do not think the BETA software may be good for everyone. Newbies should not be experimenting with the variables too much. There is a basic setting for the new folks, and I encourage starting with defaults.

UP Studio versions 1 and 2 were kept “user dumb” for the very reason there would be less to “mess-up” with lots of variables for inexperienced users to “play” with. But the power users felt left out and the software “out of control” of a masters tweaking…

The new UPS3 changes all the limitations. There are now very few if any restrictions. tweakers will have lots of fun.

Some of my tweaking makes bad things happen. But that is called “learning” and I don’t go screaming the manufacture for programmer that the software doesn’t work. It’s the user (me) that is broken the rules. It’s called finding the limits.

UPS3 is still in BETA. That means it generally works but can still have some faults. BETA users are permitted to use the software with that kind of understanding.

So, no screaming permitted. A matter-of-fact report of a problem is what the designer wants from a BETA tester. Make sure the issue is repeatable and document what isn’t working the way one expects.

You may find out it is a “feature” and not a fault. That’s another story…

I found an issue trying to load large 10MB task files. Could be a buffer in the code somewhere that overflows. Not in my power to know, but letting the programmer have enough information to duplicate the issue will get it fixed. Simple as that.

Otherwise I am having great fun playing with a new slicer and obtaining excellent prints. At this point UPS3 will definitely be my go-to application for operating my three Cetus 3D printers.
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