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  1. RamblinDan
  2. 3D Printing
  3. Wednesday, August 12 2020
In the building control and management business. (System operation control) a “Sequence of Operation” was a required document. It describes exactly how a control system will operate under all conditions. It is the plan that the controls are programmed to follow. It also describes to the person operating or servicing the system what is intended and designed to happen. If a control system doesn’t follow the “Sequence of Operation” then there is a problem or someone did not update the “Sequence of Operation”.

Sometime people will write an incorrect “Sequence of Operation” but that is totally a development issue. By the time the system is released to the end user, there must be no mistakes.

The issue with the 3D printing industry is the “Sequence of Operation” is often guarded as a proprietary secret. Marlin (G-Code) releases most if not all its functions, but it is up to the system maker on how it will be used. Or if it will be used as intended.

The user troubleshooting of modifying his own 3D printer system is sometimes (always) in the dark about the manufacturer’s “Sequence of Operation”.

The Sequence is alway subject to change and improvement, so the problem is in tracking what is current. But I think the “as delivered” sequence should always be provided or at least available for those who could really benefit from the information. (ME!)
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