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  1. RamblinDan
  2. 3D Printing
  3. Monday, June 29 2020
I heard, well read... that Tiertime (Makers of MamaCetus) is about to release a major update of its UPStudio software. The software that operates MamaCatus. This is probably a good thing. But new always means something is going to work differently.

So I have spent the day doing some "spit and polish" on the old version of UPStudio and especially getting it to run GCode made with Simplify 3D (S3D). Yes, it can do that and very well. I think perhaps better than the gcode that comes right off UPStudio.

UPStudio is designed to keep the newer user out of trouble, by not offering a huge set of variables and options. Things like number of walls on a print are not user selectable. But otherwise the limitations are not critical and UPStudio does and very good print job.

That's why I use S3D gcode when I need to have more control. I am waiting with abated breath to see if the new UPStudio will give the user more command of the print. If not, I want to keep my S3D skills sharp for use with MamaCetus.

Attached is a 50% size print of a piggy (bank) I have printed in the past. (Pictures have been shared here.) This is new and not yet removed from the bed of MamaCetus. AS you can see on close examination the quality is very good. I am always amazed how good MamaCetus can print.

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