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  1. RamblinDan
  2. 3D Printing
  3. Saturday, August 17 2019
I have decided to explore two color 3D printing. I have ordered a low cost ~$400 printer called the Geeetech A20M. (Yes, 3 e's in the name) It is a single nozzle that mixes two filament feeds into one output.

One color must be purged onto a "Prime Pillar" when switching to the other color. The single nozzle permits color blending as well as color transition. So, more options to explore than a two nozzle printer. Perhaps more problems but that's part of the experience.

Two color printing is a speciality. It is widely promoted in hardware selection but in actual use, it see's little application. From my investigations I see that many owners use them primarily as single color printers. Files for printing in two colors are harder to create and are scarce on the open source (free) services. They do exist, but not in the wide variety of single color files.

My interest is the enjoyment from the creation of the files. The print (hardware) provides the evidence the designs can be produced. The reason for creating the drawings! Ha!

I will also have more options when I can add color features to my artistic designs. Two color has little value for a practical item like a bracket or clamp. But many things I have designed would look much more interesting with a second color.
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