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  1. RamblinDan
  2. Computers and Software
  3. Friday, May 03 2019
Is it possible to have too many personal computers? Sure! I don’t see it as a problem, though. At least not for me. I have many. Not sure if I have reached the “too many” point. It’s the same question one could ask to a woodworker. “Do you have too many tools?”
Collecting tools is a hobby for some people. Just like collecting anything else. Can a rock collector have too many rocks? It subjective to the viewpoint of the person who is not a collector. Can a museum have too many paintings? I think I have made my point.
I try to be humble about what I have. I know there are many other folks who posses less than I. I don’t consider it immoral or a crime to enjoy my possessions. I write about what I have and what I do with what I have. I worked hard and made decisions to get to this point with my abilities. I don’t have a lot of everything, I have a lot of what I enjoy.
My computers are all working machines except one. It may work if I powered it up, but it is 35 years old and is the only true collectors’ item. It is an original Apple Macintosh. The inside of the case has the signatures of all the folks who created that first edition.
My newest addition to my computer collection is another Macintosh. That is known as a MAC mini. Computers improve through the years and is a reason to have many in one’s possession. My older, less advanced machines are dedicated to operating machine tools in my workshop.
I have three PC’s all running CNC machine control software. They are used for nothing else. The value of them is around $100 each, so it is not an expensive collection. Some of my smallest computers known as Raspberry Pi are valued at $35 each.
So, you see, having many computers is not a large investment of money. My most expensive and newest machines are at the $1000 level. They are my high-power workhorse machines used for CAD/CAM, Photography, web publishing graphics and other high demand computing power.
In some applications (for other people) a work station quality computer can reach $5K, $10K, even higher. That’s not where I work.
My collection will grow with my needs and interests. I don’t buy them to collect them. I buy them because I enjoy using them. I can’t use every one all at the same time. Yes, they do collect. That’s my excuse, anyway…
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