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  1. RamblinDan
  2. Computers and Software
  3. Friday, April 26 2019
The continuing Windows 10 disregard for the user respect in the “user interface” (Win10 will do what WIN10 wants, no mater what the user is doing.) has caused me to return to a user friendly operating system I have enjoyed in the past.

It’s the Apple operating systems now known as macOS (10.14). The reason I favored Windows and Linux was (and still is) the outrageous cost of the Apple hardware. But now, I want to experience an OS that doesn’t try to run my applications as secondary to its own agenda.

Could be macOS does that too. I intend to find out for myself.

I have many computers running various forms of Linux OS. That OS remains another option. The issue with Linux is it doesn’t run a lot of the big name software. There is a kind smug attitude of Linux fans, “if it isn’t free-ware, it isn’t in the spirit of Linux.” So many professional programs don’t offer Linux versions.

The macOS is favored between Windows and Linux with many commercial software packages available that have Windows versions. Apple users have a different kind of smugness...

I am not saying in any form, that one OS is “better” than the other. What I am saying (for myself) is that I want options. WIN10 sometimes just T’s me off when it crashes long running applications (3D print jobs on USB) to do what IT wants to do. Linux does not do that. I want to see how macOS behaves.

I bought a MAC in 1985 when it first came out. I bought a MAC mini in 2005. I’m a sucker for first editions. I now have a new MAC mini on order, 14 years latter.

I ordered the new Mac mini so I could re-experience an alternative operating system. The hardware is the basic MAC mini version if anyone wants to go look it up. It is decent hardware on the same level as my Intel NUC. This change is not about the hardware. However, I look forward to the experience of today’s macOS with decent hardware. The two previous MAC’s are (and were) rather low end hardware even when new. Not so, with today’s version. I will certainly find out.

Small case computers like the Intel NUC and MAC mini let me have several computers in the space of one larger case PC. Just one screen, keyboard, and mouse can be shared between them. Switching is not a big effort.

Am I going to become an Apple convert? I don’t think so. No more than I already am from owning and liking previous MAC versions.

I will have more to say once I start using the new mini.
  1. RamblinDan
  2. 5 years ago
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