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  3. Sunday, February 24 2019
On this date, the link from my computer to everyone of my websites hosted by Inmotion, traveling through my home internet provider, Comcast, failed. This included all of my email accounts. I contacted Inmotion and there was no problem at their end! What?!!
Tracer Route and Server pings proved the failure was at the 7th hop in the routing. Apparently somewhere in Houston, TX.
I could see my websites on my cell phone using the ATT data network. Proof they were up and running.
Down time was between 8:00 AM to about 3:00 or 4:00 PM. (8 hours) I had no idea how to fix it other than wait. It has (obviously) returned. I am using the link now.
COMCAST! (or your routing service) Don't scare me like that!! Ha! :o
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